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Expediting supply outpost camps and trucking services for drilling and mining exploration companies across Northern Sask and into Manitoba.

We take pride in bringing in all the amenities from home to the bush. We have everything you need at the sites however remote those are.
  • Insulated Tents
  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing
  • Washers/ Dryers
  • Internet
  • Satellite TV 
  • Snowmobiles
  • Canoes
  • Boats
  • ATVS
Exploration companies, whether they are juniors or major players, aren’t necessarily in the camp building business, nor do they want to be, that also goes for most drilling companies.  We offer our clients every possible service and amenity for a move in ready camp.  Insulated tents, Toyo Stoves, complete kitchens, dining room, sleepers, office and core shacks.  Our clients just need to show up with their bedding and clothes and they are home.  We have first aid certified Camp attendants and cooks available as well.
Because exploration camps are very remote, we also offer road construction.  Little Rock has the equipment and knowledge to make winter roads.  Following GPS and Lat/Longs we can push trails to your site.  Our equipment consists of Cats, skidders, bridges etc.  
We provide trucking of supplies to all camps, offering a variety of different trucks and trailers depending on what you need hauled.  We offer you the ability to just email us what you need, and we will look after the rest.  We work closely with an air company (fixed wing or helicopter) so we are a one stop shop, making your exploration season run smoothly and efficiently.  We can provide your company with rental ATV’s, snowmachine’s, boat and motors.
Brush/Mulching/Grass Cutting: 
We offer machine brush cutting, tree mulching, hand clearing, grass cutting when machine work isn’t needed.  We are environmentally friendly and are always making sure to adhere to minimal environmental impact. 
Fire Guards:
Living in the north and being impacted directly by fires, Little Rock knows the importance of fire guarding and maintaining these guards.  We have all equipment needed to create and maintain as well as firefighting equipment.
 Landscaping and Excavation Services: 
Providing all landscape material includes crushed rock, black dirt, crusher reject, peat moss, sod, paving stones, stack stone (retaining walls), river rock, supplier of rainbird sprinklers.
Dust Control:
Magnesium chloride dust control is a dry flake product which is applied to moist ground and lasts longer the calcium chloride.  It is environmentally friendly and safe for aluminum, so protecting from your vehicle rusting.

Little Rock Enterprises Inc. just celebrated 25 years of success and its establishment as a reliable provider for just about anything a drilling and mining company would need. 

Contact us to get your quote today.

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The name M.A.R.S.H is unique as it represents our family. It's the first letter of our children’s names.

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