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Rubber Paving

Long-lasting, Sustainable Products for the North

Rubber pavement is unlike any other product. 

Concrete and pavement heaves and cracks in northern Saskatchewan due to our cold climate. Rubber pavement moves with the frost and won't crack! It is also impervious to salt in the case of ice build-up which means it doesn’t rot and degrade.

As a family, we love the idea of long-lasting, sustainable products for the north.  Now we have a product that is not only eco-friendly but it's also local. 

In the summer of 2020 amid the pandemic, we sought to expand our landscaping regime of tools and came across Shercom rubber products based in Saskatoon.  All their products are made from recycled tires which each and every one of us uses daily. 

Aside from their landscaping products we have become a licensed installer of their rubber pavement, which allows us to give a finished product for walkways, driveways, stairs and decks. 

"This product has enhanced our landscaping area tremendously.  Customers love the recycled Saskatchewan local product."

It has beautified driveways, yards and commercial properties in our tri-community as well as northern Saskatchewan with an eco-friendly solution.   
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What Our Clients Say

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"Our driveway and parking area were prepped and a tri-coloured, (black, grey, and brown) Shercom resurfaced rubberized driveway was laid. Of course, there were unforeseen issues that came up but they dealt with these matters without hassle and fixed the issues to ensure the job was done the way they wanted it. Thanks again Grant and Ryan for everything! You guys did a wonderful job! " 

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